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Steve's Gear:

Electric Guitars/Pedals


Schecter C1-FR SLS Elite/C1 Classic/C1-FR Custom

Gibson ES-175

Boss Super Overdrive

JHS Angry Charlie “Andy Timmons” V2

Fulltone OCD V3

Xotic EP Booster

MXR M-108S 10-Band EQ

Zoom G2 Nu Multi-Effects Pedal

Joyo American Sound

Valeton GP-200

Dunlop Cry Baby/Ernie Ball Jr Volume Control

Tc Electronic Nova System/Hall of Fame

Tech 21 Midi Moose

Acoustic Guitars/Pedals


Guild D150CE/Gad50CE

Washburn C104SCE

LR Baggs M1

LR Baggs Element Acoustic Pick-Up

Zoom G2 Multi-Efx Pedal

Xotic EP Booster

JHS Mute Switch

Bass Guitars


Fender Mexican Jazz Bass



Digitech Jam Man Stereo

Tc Electronic X2 Ditto Looper

Live Gear


Bose L1 II P.A. System

Westone Audio ES30s (Artist Endorsement)

Mackie 802VLZ4 Mixer

Furman SPB-8C Pedalboard

Pedaltrain Pedalboards

Voodoo Labs Power Plus 2 Power Supply

Fender Concert II Amp (Electric Guitars)

Tc Electronic BG-250 (Bass Guitars)

Fender Power Conditioned Power Strip

Audio Technica 440D Amp Mic

Ueteto Wireless In-Ear Unit

Lekato 5.8Ghz/2.4Ghz Wireless Guitar Units

Electro Voice N/D 257 Vocal Mic

Apple Ipod/Ipad




Yamaha MX49 Digital Keyboard

Ultimate Support Amp Stands

Hercules Instrument Stands

Dunlop Jazz III Picks

Snark Headstock Tuners

Shubb Capos

Monster Cables

George L’s Solder-less Guitar Cables

D’Addario Electric Guitar Strings

Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings

Jamstand Gear Carts

Photo M.Adams/2012
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